Imperial Wharf VRV-Q Upgrade

imperial wharf courtyard

Imperial Wharf VRV upgrade


Development: Imperial Wharf

Blocks: Riverside & Waterside

Industry: Air conditioning

Contract Value: £500k

Client: Rendall & Rittner

Property Developer: St. George plc

Developer Profile: St George plc are specialists in high quality regeneration in London, combining new homes, apartments and penthouses with retail and leisure amenities for residents. It has grown to become London’s largest, most sophisticated mixed-use developer and integrates sustainability into every facet of its schemes.

With the phase out of R22 and new EU Regulation 2037/2000 on ozone depleting substances coming into impact, it was the right time for the six VRV systems to be replaced. After 31st December 2014 it was no longer legal to top up or replenish a system using R22 gas, combine this with the constant repairs that the ten year old systems where having, the development managers and residents agreed that the best way forward would be to replace each system.

Henshall and Sheehy worked closely with Daikin in order to provide the most efficient replacement of the existing VRV-I System with the new VRV-III Q R410A systems. We ensured that the six new systems which we installed were paired with new fan coils, new BS Boxes and an in-depth control panel which allows ease for maintenance and fault finding whilst providing the most accurate energy consumption information for the client.

The project commenced in the winter months at the clients request, this proved a difficult task as all of the apartments were occupied by resident and the air-conditioning systems are their only source of heating.

Henshall and Sheehy strategically phased the project for minimal downtime between systems, whilst ensuring constant communication with residents and property managers to ease tensions during the transition.

The program we established was set out to replace one system at a time, working our way through all of the six systems. Each system included four heat recovery condensers, BS Boxes serving the fan coils, a combined total of 146 ducted fan coils and premium wall controllers within the apartments. As difficult as it is to access every apartment and complete the replacement of ducted fan coils and controllers, we ensured that whilst working with the development manager we structured a strict program that was very well executed. This meant that all measures were put in place ensuring each system was complete on time and to the budget.

The new systems are 40% more efficient in heating and 25% higher in cooling than the previous R22 refrigerant systems. Along with the increased efficiency, the energy costs are reduced allowing R&R to meet their savings targets. We have had responses from residents who have said that their system is remarkably more efficient and are pleased with how the project was carried out.