Development: Equitable House

Industry: Air Conditioning

Contract Value: £50k

Client: FESLtd.

Project Profile: The project was carried out at the development of Equitable House which is a large scale building in the heart of London. The installation compromised of the removal of a redundant chiller and replacing it with a new 500kWsystem.

The chiller was supplied by FESLtd,while consulting engineer on the project was MCCELtd and the installation/project management was carried out by Henshall & Sheehy.

Prior to commencing and installation works we were required to de-commissioned and remove the existing water-cooled,R22-based chillers and overhead beams,which had reached the end of their working life. This was done in stages to minimise cooling down-time during final changeover. The new plant was sited externally,with the chiller positioned on the roof along with the rest of the plant.

Site constraints included limited roof space, no access to the roof for larger equipment and strict working hours. In order to remove and re-instate the chillers and associated plant it was agreed that the most effective procedure would be to use a specialist crane contractor. All parties worked closely alongside one another whilst we produced a strict hour by hour regime for the removal and reinstatement process. This cut out any risks or set-backs which may have arisen in another circumstance.

Once all plant was removed and the new system had been delivered into position,we had a team of engineers completing all tasks within the different trades involved. Our full time project management team and specialist engineers worked to a detailed program which worked well for the client. This ensured that both the client was happy throughout as well as our team maintaining full safety from commencement through to practical completion.

Since being installed, the system is reported to have delivered amuch higher quality performance. This has been one of many chiller replacements for our company and enjoyed the constraints that we came across and overcame.

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