Development : Vestry Court

Industry: Mechanical Heating

Contract Value: £110k

Client : Rendall & Rittner/Residents Association

Project Profile: Rendall & Rittner manages a large and growing residential property portfolio. From traditional mansion blocks to substantial mixed-use developments, they currently look after more than 30,000 individual units. Vestry Court Apartments are award winning complexes centrally located in the heart of Westminster.We worked closely with the managing agent and alongside the residents association in order to fully understand the client?s requirements and in order for us to provide a sufficient and effective scope of works.

The existing plant room was heavily congested with pipe work headers and heating equipment. There were two floor mounted Clyde boilers which are rated at 392.7kw each these boilers are connected to an existing flue dilution system,which is also positioned within the room directly behind the boilers. At the time only boiler one was operational, the second boiler had failed due to a faulty burner which was causing both boilers to cut out regularly due to excessive loads.

We proposed to the client that they replaced both boilers along with the associated plant. This would ensure that the full system is working to itsmaximum efficiency and that it would meet higher economical standards than before. Along with the plant for the system it was proposed to install a new control and operating system. The new control panel would have full capabilities over the heating plant, stage the associated units operation and ensure rotation of the boilers and pumps to prevent over working a single item. A repeater panel would be installed at concierge to alert the building manager of potential alarms/Faults.

Whilst the new system that we proposed would be the most efficient option and provide the client with maximum assurance, the logistics of this project was of the upmost difficulty. The boiler plant area was located on the roof of the building with no direct access from ground level. Pairing this with the location of the building, the only option would be to enlist the services of a specialist crane contractor.We worked closely with the contractors and Westminster Council in order to provide the client a strict programme of works which would reduce the shutdown times of the system.

The project at Vestry Court for the heating system was very successful. Overall the system was approximately 40% more efficient than the previous and performed with maximum ease for the end user.We have worked closely with our client on many other project installations throughout their vast portfolio of developments.

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