Curzon Street Projects

Through completion and submission of an in-depth and diligent project scope specification plan, Henshall and Sheehy were awarded the works at Curzon Street because of a successful competitive consultant led tender process. Henshall & Sheehy Support Services Ltd were awarded the project at works at Curzon Street, London in November 2019.

The programme of works was scheduled for a three-month period. Henshall & Sheehy completed the works in January 2020 and met all deadlines out lined in the project specification and our own project plan.

This project involved the de-commissioning and removal of five existing floor mounted boilers to a commercial building in Curzon St W1. New Hamworthy boilers, flues, pipes, and valves were all replaced.

New controls were adopted to suit the arrangement linking back to the main building head end.

Supplementary heating was provided to the tenant areas to ensure optimum temperature was present throughout the essential works.

Henshall & Sheehy Support Services Ltd delivered a 1st class project, because of excellent experience in this area of works. In addition to this we found our extensive experience working in the residential and commercial sectors invaluable. The lessons learned previously, and tools gained, ensured we liaised with residents of the development and all stakeholder were informed at every juncture. The outcome led to great praise from our client and since completion we have not only gone on to deliver further projects for the client but also been recommended by the project consultants for other work with their clients.


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14th January 2021

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