The Manchester Arndale Centre project entailed the simultaneous execution of two projects (Gilly Hicks & Hollister), over a span of 8 weeks, focusing on comprehensive Mechanical, Electrical & Ventilation (MEV) design and installation. The project encompassed both the ground and 2nd floors of the centre for Abecrombie & Fitch.

The project involved the meticulous design and installation of MEV systems to ensure optimal functionality and efficiency. This included heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems. Henshall & Sheehy installed a robust fire alarm system on the customer side with seamless integration into the landlord’s system. This ensured the safety and security of others within the premises. Henshall & Sheehy also carried out integration of advanced payment systems and data infrastructure to facilitate seamless transactions and efficient data management within the centre.

The project was completed within 8 weeks, with both projects running concurrently to ensure timely delivery and minimal disruption to the operations of the Arndale Centre.

Project Details

Manchester Arndale Centre
8 weeks