Data Centres and Critical Engineering Services

Our services include

  • Mechanical & Electrical Building Services Operation & Maintenance
  • Life Safety Systems statutory maintenance and repair
  • Optimisation of energy equipment running costs, energy centres &
    Combined Heat & Power networks
  • Battery storage solutions and provision of clean recycled energy
  • Tenant demise services
  • 24 hour customer support
  • Self-delivered via our skilled in-house engineering teams

Optimising Data Centre Services

Through the use of technology, we can help our clients optimise their building energy usage. Our Building Analytics tool is a smart building technology that continually gathers and analyses data from across a building to identify, measure, and ultimately improve overall operational performance. By gathering real-time data from across the various systems and equipment within a building, building analytics provides an accurate evaluation of the building’s health, energy consumption, and to maintain maximum uptime of your services.

The system provides actionable intelligence to property owners and facility management teams and delivers quantifiable  benefits in a short space of time, such as identifying  opportunities for saving energy, improving maintenance planning and increasing occupier comfort, while identifying where to reduce operating costs while maintaining up-time and reliability of critical services.

Complete Building Maintenance Services

We provide a full range of hard and soft facilities services including M&E engineering, control engineering, project & maintenance, property technical and compliance services to ensure that our clients and end-users work in well-managed and safe and reliable buildings. We also independently test and validate existing systems.

Our maintenance and servicing regimes are tailored to suit each customer requirements and cover every aspect of building services and building fabric maintenance.

Maximising availability, up-time and reliability of our customers’ facilities are our company’s core values.

Ekko Sense

Energy Space optimisation software providing real-time visibility for thermal and power risk, optimise cooling capacity, minimise energy waste aiming to achieve net zero across critical M&E infrastructure.