Henshall & Sheehy Support Services had successful completed electrical & road surfacing works at Surbiton Library.

Road surfacing: To apply a protective and functional layer onto a road’s surface to improve its durability, safety, and usability. Asphalt, concrete, and various types of aggregates were used to resurface . This process helps to maintain and enhance road quality, ensuring better transportation and safety for all users.

Electrical installation involved the setup, placement, and connection of electrical systems, components, and devices within the library. This process encompasses various elements, including wiring, circuits, outlets, switches, panels, and other electrical fixtures.

Planning and Design: This stage involved determining the electrical needs of the space, calculating load requirements, and creating a layout for the electrical system.

Procurement of Materials:

Installation of Wiring: This includes laying down wires and cables according to the designed layout, connecting them to electrical panels, outlets, and switches.

Mounting Fixtures: Installing outlets, switches, light fixtures, and other electrical devices at specified locations.

Connecting to Power Sources: Connecting the electrical system to the main power source and ensuring proper grounding for safety.

Testing and Inspection: This phase involves checking the installed system to ensure everything is functioning correctly and adheres to safety standards and regulations.

Commissioning: After successful testing and inspection, the system is put into operation.

It’s crucial to comply with local building codes and safety regulations during electrical installations to ensure the safety of the structure and its occupants.


Project Details

6 Weeks
Royal Borough of Kingston