The Cottons Centre is a prominent office complex located in the heart of London Bridge. Situated along the River Thames, it’s recognized for its distinctive architectural design and prime location. Henshall & Sheehy Support services had been contracted to carry out the carpark sprinkler upgrade works including the replacement of 5 main valve chambers to enhance the system’s efficiency, safety, and compliance with current standards.

Henshall & Sheehy had conducted a comprehensive assessment of the existing system to identify areas that need improvement. Additionally, consult with fire safety experts or professionals experienced in sprinkler system upgrades to ensure that all necessary elements are addressed effectively.

  • Sprinkler Heads: replacing older sprinkler heads with more efficient models for better coverage, improved technology for detecting fires and more resistant to corrosion.
  • Piping and Fittings: replacement & modification, resizing pipes for improved flow, or rearranging piping layout for better coverage.
  • Valves and Controls: Upgrading the control system, valves, and monitoring devices improve the system’s responsiveness and effectiveness, flow control valves, pressure regulators, and alarm systems to enhance the overall performance.
  • Alarm and Monitoring Systems: Integrating or upgrading alarm systems to provide quicker detection and alerting in case of a fire can be a significant part of the upgrade.
  • Compliance Components: Ensure that the system meets current building codes, fire safety regulations, and any specific requirements for the location or type of building. Upgrades may be necessary to comply with updated standards.
  • Maintenance and Testing Equipment: H&S have considered the upgraded equipment to ensure maintenance and testing, such as pressure gauges, flow meters, and other tools necessary for routine checks and system evaluations.

Project Details

10 weeks